[Date] A couple goes to eat in Japan Korea Town! Tsuruhashi, Osaka



It’s Wai!

I’ve been so into Korean dramas lately that I really wanted to try tteokbokki, so I took my date to Korea Town! LOL!

I went to Korea Town for such a date, and I wrote about it because it was a recommended date spot for couples. Also, if you don’t like spicy food, I don’t recommend Korean food, but there were a lot of non-spicy foods, so I will introduce some of them as well.

So let’s get right to it and see what our Korea Town date is all about!

What is Korea Town in Japan?

First of all, I’ll post a brief description of Korea Town, since some of you may not know where it is.

Korea Town Details

Address: Momoya 4-chome, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

The nearest stations are Tsuruhashi Station and Momoya Station on the JR Loop Line. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to either of these two stations.

I’ve also included a map if you’d like to use it.

Here’s the location and other information. The entrance was very easy to find, but I’ll post a picture for your reference.

Korea Town had everything from Korean cosmetics to the latest Korean trends, and it was so much fun!

This date course!

Let’s take a look at the places we visited on our date. This time, we went mainly for eating and walking, so I will only introduce the places we went.

House of Wheat

The first stop was at Mugi no Ie, a restaurant specializing in Korean laver rolls!

I found it as soon as I entered, but there was already a line! It was lunch time, like before 1pm, so I thought it was inevitable and lined up, but it seemed to be a famous restaurant as rumored, so I stood in line and bought a Kimpa.

They also sold pancakes and other foods that looked delicious, but this time we only had kimbap. Crying

I will briefly include details of such a house of wheat.

Address: 3-8-16 Momoya, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City

TEL: 06-6716-8508

The official website is also available here, so please take a look at the extensive menu and enjoy yourself.

麦の家 | 大阪市 | 韓国海苔巻き専門店
韓国海苔巻き専門店 麦の家では大人気の焼肉キンパ、爆弾キンパをはじめ、チヂミ、チャプチェ、キムチ、惣菜なども充実!

A bumper year for kimchi

For the second event, we went to a 1,000 yen buffet, although it was called a food walk. To be honest, I felt that it was highly recommended for a 1000 yen buffet. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures inside. Crying

Here I made my own special kind of bibimbap, and it was delicious! The other jjigae and kimchi were also quite tasty! (^^)!

Ikuno Korea Town Store

4-15, Momoya 5-chome, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 544-0034, Japan

Phone: 06-6715-5035

FAX: 06-6715-5035 / 06-7508-3989

Business hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed/No regular holidays

Here are the details from the official website. Please refer to it.

ランチバイキング | キムチの豊年

John Nohattag.

The third restaurant we went to was Johnno Hatgu. The one we went to was apparently the first one in Osaka! The appearance was very clear and cute.

I also took a picture of the menu list while I was at it! It’s pretty good, and the menu is quite extensive! (^^)!

But this time, I really wanted to try the tteokbokki, so I bought some tteokbokki!

It was very spicy for me, but I enjoyed it (‘_’).

It seems that there are several of these stores all over the country, so I’ll just post the official website so you can check out the details.

新大久保 | 韓国 | ジョンノハッドグ
新大久保 | 韓国 | ジョンノハッドグ

Kimchi Studio Sakae

The fourth stop was at Sakae’s, where I tried the “oden” that I’ve always wanted to try!

This is the kind of oden I’d personally pick up over a few drinks! Simply delicious!

The exterior of the restaurant looks like this, and you can easily recognize it as Sakae, so please try to visit there.

Address: 5-5-3 Momoya, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City

TEL: 06-6741-2990


For our fifth stop, we went to Macapresso! Macapresso is a dessert cafe that is a cross between coffee and dessert. They’re very popular for their Korean-style macaroons, called tungkaron! From the outside, it already had a stylish atmosphere.

The menu sign in front of the store was very easy to see and choose from! (^^)!

After all, it’s a popular café, and the store was full (‘_’).

I’m a little disappointed that I forgot to take a picture of the thunkalong here, but the thunkalong was really good too!

More about Macapresso

Address: 3-8-11 Momoya, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City

TEL: +81-3-6484-6654

Business hours: 10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

MACAPRESSO(マカプレッソ)はコーヒーとデザートをかけ合わせたデザートカフェです。 現在、新大久保本店を始め、大阪店をオープン、基本12種類以上のマカロンでメニューの多彩性と差別性をおき、各シーズンごとに新しいメニューが持続的に発売されます。 マカプレッソのドリンクは炭焼きで焙煎した最高級コーヒーをベースとした...


For the sixth and final stop, I had a hankering for some hotchpotch, and on my way home, I bought some at Ribingue’s!

They come in a variety of flavors, and this time I was craving dessert, so I went for the chocolate flavor!

I could eat it easily even though I had eaten a lot of food. (‘_’)

Rimbaud details

Address: 3-6-14 Momoya, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City

TEL: 06-6712-1047


This time, we went around a lot with this kind of date plan! It was a lot of fun, to say the least!

There were many other stores to choose from, so I hope everyone will plan their own fun date plans and enjoy Korea Town! (^^)!

Besides eating and drinking, they had cosmetics and stuff, so pretty good for beauty lovers too!